Q. What is the difference between Board Bog, Boat Bog and Leak Bog?

Board Bog has been formulated to work on surfboards/SUPs/etc. Board Bog is totally frictionless when wet. The board surface needs to be dried before applying Board Bog.


Boat Bog has been formulated for use in plugging boat leaks. It has amazing qualities of withstanding hydrostatic pressure and being able to flex with hull movements. It can be applied to wet or dry surfaces. Boat Bog can even be applied underwater!


Leak Bog is a multipurpose compound that has been formulated to work on almost all surfaces both wet and dry. It will stick underwater as well.




Q. What is Bog?

Bog is a putty like substance that has a feel and consistency similar to that of modelling clay. Bog is made from a variety of natural compounds that are blended together following a patented formula and manufacturing process. Each Bog product has been individually formulated to have the unique properties required for its use and application. 


Q. Do the Bog products harden or go off?

No, our products are specifically formulated to not harden for ease of removal and to allow for subtle movements to the surfaces without comprising the seal of the Bog.


Q. Prior to applying the Bog, is there any mixing required?

No mixing is required. Simply knead product until pliable, then apply.


Q. Is Bog a two-part epoxy compound?

No, Bog is a single part compound that does not require mixing and requires no curing time. Bog always retains its semi-flexible state so that it can withstand subtle movements and can be easily removed at any time. 


Q. Are the Bog products flammable or toxic?

No, the Bog products are non-flammable and non-toxic. Although, common sense applies - do not eat!


Q. How do I remove the Bog products?

Scrape off the product using fingers or a small spatula, then wipe the area vigorously with a cloth. Any residual product can be removed using a degreaser. NOTE: Degreaser can damage certain surfaces, test before applying.

DO NOT USE degreaser on surfboards/SUPs/etc.


Q. How do I remove the Bog residue from my hands and fingers?

Wipe hands with a dry cloth and then wash with soap and water.


Q. Does heat or cold affect the Bog products?

Yes, hot temperatures will affect the Bog - do not use on surfaces with temperatures above 50°C/122°F.

In cooler temperatures, the Bog may require more kneading to become pliable. However, the cold will not affect the performance of the product.


Q. Why are there two different temperature ranges for Boat Bog and Board Bog?

Bog becomes slightly more pliable in warmer temperatures, so the formulas are adjusted to suit the temperature range that the Bog is intended to be used in. The higher temperature range Bog is a stiffer product. Please note, both the COOL and WARM formulas will work in temperature ranges outside those recommended. The WARM Bog will just simply require more kneading before use in cooler temperatures and the COOL Bog will become slightly more pliable in warmer temperatures.


COOL Bog is recommended for temps up to 27°C / 80° F

WARM Bog is recommended for temps above 27°C / 80°F


Q. Do the Bog products have a shelf life?

No, our products are not subject to degradation over time. 


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