Leak Bog is arguably the most versatile leak repair compound on the market.


Leak Bog is a multipurpose sealing compound that provides instant leak repair. Just knead the 'bog' and apply - on surfaces WET and DRY! No curing or drying time is required.


Leak Bog contains no harmful chemicals and is formulated to never fully harden for ease of removal. 


Leak bog works on nearly all types of materials including metal, plastic, glass, fibreglass, concrete, ceramics and wood.


Use Leak Bog for leaking water tanks, bath tubs, kitchen sinks, guttering systems & downpipes, plumbing pipes, flower vases, window seals, iceboxes & coolers, cracked shower screens & seals etc.


Leak Bog is ideal for use around the home, farm, work site and much more!


Leak Bog - don't get caught without it!




Leak Bog




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185g LEAK BOG block


Product Specs.

Leak Bog is available in a handy 45g stick and a 185g block.


Leak Bog contains no harmful chemicals, it is non-toxic and non-flammable. 


To remove:  Simply scrape off product using fingers or a small spatula, then wipe vigorously with a cloth. Any residual product can be removed using a degreaser. NOTE: degreaser can damage certain surfaces, test before applying.


Product limitations: Leak Bog should not be used on high pressure water leaks or surfaces with temperatures above 50°C/122°F.


Distribution & Retailers

Bog Industries is currently seeking retailers and distributors for Leak Bog both in Australia and around the world.


Please use the 'Contact Us' section to request more information about distribution and retail partnerships.


For existing distributors or retailers who have Leak Bog in stock with the 'old' packaging, please contact us to arrange a return and re-issue of the newly packaged Leak Bog product.



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